50 Cent Reacts to Nas and Eminem’s Collaboration

50 Cent Reacts to Nas and Eminem’s Collaboration

Thousands of people took to social media to respond to Nas’ new collaboration with Eminem, including rapper 50 Cent.

Nas’ latest album, “King Disease II,” was released on Friday, and the song is included on it (today).

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It’s the rappers’ first time working together on a song. Em co-wrote and produced Nas’ song “The Cross” in 2000.

EPMD (Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith) from New York make an appearance on the track as well.

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“Nas, Eminem, and EPMD all went hard in their verses,” a Twitter user said in response to the track. “Perhaps the year’s best rap performance.” “No, you are not allowed to front on this verse.” “You just have to listen,” 50 Cent posted on Instagram. Eminem and Nas’ duet gets a reaction from 50 Cent.

50 Cent Reacts to Nas and Eminem's Collaboration


  1. Listen to Nas' new album, King's Disease II, which features Eminem, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and other artists. - ZackNation.org

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