You’d avoid liposuction if you saw the BTS – Gospel musician Jayana

You’d avoid liposuction if you saw the BTS – Gospel musician Jayana

Ghanaian Gospel musician, Jayana, has commented on what seems to now be the new normal with women going under the knife to have their bodies contoured.

Discussing this with Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on the Girl Vibes show on eTV Ghana, she said that if women knew or saw the painful aspect of these surgeries both during and after the procedure, they would think twice about deciding to go through with it.

“Everybody is avoiding exercise now because they know there’s liposuction but what I’ve also realized is that those who go for these body enhancement procedures do not show the public what actually goes on. They only show us the outcome and the beauty of it but if they showed what they went through from day one till the day they fully recovered, then people can decide if they really want to do it”, she said.

Speaking based on a surgical experience she has had, Jayana disclosed that although her experience with a knife touching her body was not from a body enhancement procedure but during childbirth, she would not advise anyone to go for liposuction because the pain that came even with the caesarean section was unbearable.


“I’ve been through surgery before. I did a CS and with the pain alone that I endured, I won’t advice anyone to go through a surgery to enhance their body. However, I know that there are some people with the strength and money to do it so if you think you can do it and it will help boost your self-confidence, then that’s fine”, the singer further concluded.

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