Find Out Why Ahuofe Patri Was Sacked from UCC

Ahuofe Patri Was Sacked from UCC

Growing up in most Ghanaian communities, youngsters were advised by their parents and grandparents to take their books with all seriousness for classroom education is the key to success, financially.

But the reality after classroom education or otherwise school is entirely different as graduates have to put aside all the classless HND’s and degrees’ and hustle like school dropouts for daily bread!

Back to the subject matter, Ahoufe Patri has been successful in the media. Thus, a well-celebrated actress on both local and international soil.

Yet, the media has been silent on her past especially her days at the University of Cape Coast soil. This is because she was not a celebrity then.

But Ahoufe Patrick has a past that needs to be known. And most importantly to tape motivation from.

Ahoufe Patri was accepted in UCC in the year 2009. But for some strange reasons, she could not complete her four-year program at the University of Cape Coast. She could not even complete level 200.

This was due to a liberal course she failed. She was then asked to take a resit. Unfortunately for her, she could not meet the requirements for her resit, therefore, leading to her misspell from the university.

Despite Ahoufe Patri being sacked from UCC for academic failure, the whole world knows her. This is a great lesson for those who think the determinant for their success lies in academics.

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