Kumai Eugene lists the only condition that will make him leave Lynx Entertainment

Exclusive interview with Kuami Eugene

Ghanaian singer and music producer Kuami Eugene of Lynx Entertainment has disclosed the one condition that will make him ditch his current record label for another one.

In an interview with PulseChat, the ‘Ohemaa’ hitmaker noted that he will leave Lynx Entertainment if only a better record label brings in a better deal than what he’s enjoying now.

He mentioned that he’s content with his stay at Lynx Entertainment but also noted that he won’t stay there forever and will definitely leave the record label if only he gets a bigger deal like that of Universal Music Group.

According to him, he wouldn’t hesitate in signing to them and Also noted that Richie himself would be glad if such a deal comes his way.

Kuami posited that knowing the kind of person his boss Richie Mensah is, he won’t be selfish enough to advise him to turn it down but would rather encourage him to go make it bigger.

Watch the interview below:

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