Mr. Press Releases songs

Local Musician Releases songs

Mr.Press releases songs:

Ibrahim Bangura aka Mr. Press, a Sierra Leonean musician, said that he has recently re-released four songs.

‘Wan Posin’, a song which advises lovers to be faithful no matter what difficulty they encounter in their relationships; ‘Countri Sexy’, a song which criticizes people who pretend to come from rich family; and ‘Broko Kunu’ and ‘Doratha’ a dance hall hits featuring Pupa Baja and A. Class.

He said that the songs had not been released soon enough after they had been recorded due to some issues which they had in the industry, which caused them to be released improperly.

Bangura, alias Press started his career as a dancer. He won an intra-secondary school dancing competition for three years in a row at Albert Academy in 2006, 2007 and 2008, repectively.

He said that in 2020, he started his career in music after he had been motivated by friends and family members, adding that he used to listen to and mimic the songs of Usher Raymond, Michel Jackson and other renowned musicians, saying that he has won more than ten miming competitions.

He revealed that he has featured Sierra Leonean music stars like Mr. One, in a song titled ‘Still Shinning’, M2 in a song titled ‘Only Love’, Innocent in a song titled “Bad Sababu” and some others.
Mr. Press does music in different musical genres like: RnB, Trap, Hip-Hop, Zouk, Reggae, Jazz and more.

“Music is all I have. And everything that I have achieved in this life was through music. Music has made me to travel to Ghana, Senegal and many other African countries.”

He said that he had released two albums: “Dis Na Mi Tem” which translates in English as ‘This is my time’ in 2010. “I will soon release my third album which I titled ‘Professor,” he concluded.h

Source:By Ibrahim S.Bangura (GhanaLegendary.comreporter from Sierra Leone)

Mr.Press  Releases songs….Local Musician Releases songs

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