Tom Sizemore, famed for his appearances in films such as ‘Heat’ and ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ died Friday night after spending weeks in the hospital due to a brain aneurysm, according to his spokeswoman.

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The death comes only a day after the actor’s family issued a statement announcing that they had to decide on “end-of-life matters,” all after physicians said there was no longer hope for his life.

“Doctors notified his family today that there is no longer hope and advised them to take his life. The family is now deciding on end-of-life concerns, and a further statement will be published on Wednesday,” according to his statement, which was picked up by the aforementioned network.

American actor Tom Sizemore dies at 61

Sizemore, 61, of Detroit, rose to prominence in the 1990s and 2000s with parts in films such as ‘Natural Born Killers,’ ‘Stranger Days,’ and ‘Pearl Harbor.’ But, he is widely remembered for playing Mike Horvath in the World War Two film ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

In addition, for his work in ‘Witness Protection,’ he was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2000 for Best Performance by an Actor in a Miniseries or Television Movie. Most recently, he appeared in episodes of the television shows ‘Twin Peaks’ or ‘Cobra Kai’.

Sizemore battled drug addiction for a long time and suffered a slew of legal issues during his career. He was convicted in 2003 on domestic abuse charges after his former fiancée, Heidi Fleiss, accused him of assault.