Medikal & Kurl Songx subtly mocks Mr Drew

Medikal and Kurl Songx subtly mocked Mr Drew over his deleted song with Stonebwoy. Highly Spiritual signee – Mr Drew…

Medikal and Kurl Songx subtly mocked Mr Drew over his deleted song with Stonebwoy.

Highly Spiritual signee – Mr Drew has become a laughingstock on social media after his two hit songs had copyright allegations following it. Medikal and Kurl Songx have subtly mocked him.

Mr Drew clearly isn’t putting in enough work into his craft and it is very disgracing to his fans and music lovers at large.

Casting our minds back, Kurl Songx alleged that Drew’s ‘Dw3’ song originally belonged to him, but was handed over to Mr Drew after he left the label.

Some believed him and many opposed his allegation, stating that he just wanted to gain public sympathy following his decline in producing hit songs.

Mr Drew’s latest ‘yawa’ gives Ghanaians the course to believe that he isn’t that talented when it comes to writing his own songs.

Medikal a while ago stated that ‘Karma is a beach’ in relation to the situation Kurl Songx found himself with Mr Drew with regard to his ‘Dw3’ vibes.

Kurl retweeted his post and added an emoji to make it a complete one.

Kurl is retweeting any tweets that dent Mr Drew on his official Twitter handle.

See The Screenshots Below:



Mr. Drew ft Stonebwoy music video deleted by YouTube over copyright infringements

Mr Drew, a Ghanaian singer has suffered the brunt of YouTube as he has had his music video that featured Stonebwoy deleted after it supposedly breached Youtube’s copyright laws.

The Highly Spiritual Music signee recently took to social media to celebrate the said song he titled “EAT” after it gained over 100,000 views that were achieved without any malfeasance.

The song which has gained over 150,000 views has been brought down by YouTube, the largest video streaming platform, simply because Mr Drew did not seek the appropriate permission from the owner.

This means that Mr Drew will be unable to monetize the video and it will surely be a blow in his face and a dent of his music career.

According to reports, the ‘EAT’ song was a sample from Rotimi’s ‘Love Riddim’, one of the great songs from his ‘Walk With Me’ album which was released in July 2019.

On the back of that Rotimi’s record label, EMPIRE filed a copyright claim against Mr Drew which has resulted in his music video been deleted by Youtube.

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