Patient Nyarko and I ain’t friends as – Joe Mettle unfolds

Popular Ghanaian Gospel musician, Joe Mettle has opened up on his closeness or otherwise to Patience Nyarko.Some months ago, Patience unleashed her arsenals of criticism on Joe and tagged him as someone who does not write his own songs—but he mostly samples Methodist and Pentecost hymns.Her comment was however challenged by many industry players and fans of the ‘Yesu Mo’ composer.Responding to his relationship with Patience Nyarko in an interview with ZionFelix on the ‘Uncut’ Show, Joe Mettle stated that she is not his friend.

He explained that he doesn’t know her personally.

Nonetheless, Joe Mettle added that he sees Patience Nyarko as a colleague in the music industry.

He recounted they have met once or twice—and one time, they [Patience and others] came to his studio for rehearsal towards a program.

When asked how he felt following Patience’s remark, Joe Mettle replied he felt okay—because he doesn’t worry about a lot of things.

Watch Joe Mettle And Zionfelix Interview below;


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