Rapist Should Be Castrated-Efya

Rapist Should Be Castrated-Efya

The issue of Rape cases in Ghana has become topic for discussion on social media as Ghana have recorded several rape cases in the past few weeks.

Despite been in this corona pandemic rape cases in Ghana keeps on rising and songstress Efya has shared her thought on it.

Speaking on 3FM’s Urban Blend show with Miriam Osei Agyemang, Efya indicated that rapists should be castrated.

When asked by the host, Miriam what she thinks is the best punishment for rapists, Efya who seemed particularly emotional about the issue stated:

“I think they should all be castrated. Because if we castrate a few of them, they will stop because they are very attached to that part of the body which they used in this act and if we take it away from them the same way that they take away our dignity and our pride and our power when they rape us when we are three years old…”

Efya also encouraged girls and women who have been raped to not keep quiet about it because she believes something can be done about it.

“I want every girl out there that is being abused…I want you to know that something can be done about it just because the person is taking care of you doesn’t mean that your life is going to be over if you report it. I need everybody to speak. We need the women to speak up. We need the mothers to speak up. We need the aunties to speak up, the sisters…,” she stated.

Asked if she has ever been a victim of rape, Efya responded “I can’t talk about it” but noted that “it’s coming for deep place and I know a lot of women that have been abused and it’s not fair. I’m very emotional…it’s really crazy…its wrong”.

Efya is currently promoting her new single featuring Tiwa Savage titled, “The One.”


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