Shatta Michy Reveals Her Real Age, Date of Birth and More

The CEO of Michy’s Hideout, Michy has in a rather shocking and unconscious way revealed her real age on live TV.

In this era where trying to know the real ages of most of the entertainment personalities in the country is as difficult as a pregnant virgin, Michy‘s announcement has come as a shock to many social media folks.

As one of the four guests who appeared on UTV’s United Showbiz entertainment review show last night, Michy, said that she is currently 27 years old.

For many folks, this might actually be true because, at the time she was spotted with her baby daddy, Shatta Wale in the media space some eight years ago, it was reported that she was just 19 years.

So if one does a little calculation, it will seem that she is not lying about it. and that May 6, 1993, is indeed her date of birth.

Watch the video below for the confirmation…

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