“Shatta Wale has done enough for us,” SM Militant Natty Lee said after an interviewer mentioned Shatta Wale in their discussions.

SM Militant Natty Lee praised Shatta Wale during an interview, saying he has done enough for them.

Shatta Movement (SM) Militant Natty Lee disclosed when he appeared on Home Base TV that Shatta Wale has done enough for them.

According to him, the SM Militants are still in talks with him to settle their difference and move on as a team or yet still, go their separate ways.

Natty Lee explained that he and the SM Militants are also men and that they can’t continue depending on Shatta Wale for the rest of their lifetime.

He explained that if things go well, they will be back into the SM camp but when it goes the other way round, they will continue with their lives.

Shatta Wale has confirmed sacking his militants. He says they are very lazy.

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