Fameye Engages In A Fight With Fan On Twitter.

•Peter Famiyeh Bozah is a Ghanaian rapper,singer and a songwriter known by the stage name Fameye.

Fameye became a household name in Ghana through music, after he released his hit song “Nothing I Get”.This song brought him to the limelight and became main stream artist in Ghana music.

He was a contestant at “Mtn Hit Maker Season 4”

Fameye was under “OGB Music” as at the time he released his hit song “Nothing I Get”

Not too long and a misunderstood hits the camp that made Fameye part ways with his record label.

Even tho Fameye is not under any record label for now but he is doing good with his musical journey.

He’s been doing lots of featuring and releasing bangers.

Today we wake up to see Fameye trending on twitter,so we decided to find out what and why he is trending.

Out follow up shows that a certain guy on twitter yesterday made a tweet about Fameye which he seems not to be cool with it so.

The guy with a twitter handle by name @Original_KW one of the twitter influencers.

He tweeted,

“Chale, squad for get different content give Fameye waa.

Every song he go make biaa the content be ‘nothing I get’ like ebi only am p3 dey struggle for life. Tsw”

After Fameye saw the tweet he didn’t take it cool and it proveked him.

He tweeted in reply on the guys tweet,

“Tins only go bee for you on social media !nokwr3 bia nim? Go lisin all my sngs I drp not features I no get 1 single Sef I talk say I Dey suffer for inside nothing I get sef I no talk say I Dey sofa just my recent song I did to honor  Kwaadee is actually the song I sed … kwasia”.

The guy also saw the reply Fameye gave was wayward so he too replied him again.

The guy in reply was trying to say Famaye is good but it seems like he sings in one content and he should change it.

The two have been engage in exchange of words on twitter with insults which is not cool.

They continued with the insults for long and it was going wrong way.

But later everything calmed down and both parties ended the argument in cool way.

Both turn the thing to a fun thing and started to shower praise on each other.

We are all one family on one platform and we don’t want search things to happen again.

  1. We bring you some screenshot for you to see how the argument went on.

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