70 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend That He’ll Love It

70 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend That He’ll Love It

‘Love makes the world go round’ is a popular saying and a closer examination of the quote would reveal it is nothing but the truth.

It’s the dream of every lady or woman to have that one guy or man that would love and treat her right. Forget all the negativities often associated with love and loving people, love is actually beautiful if it’s with the right person.

Running out of pet names to call your best guy? Or are neither of you very fond of the ones you’ve tested out so far? To help you personalize your romance and land on one you both love, we’ve collected 70 cute names you can call your boyfriend aside from his given one. There’s something below for every couple, whether you prefer a term that’s sweet or strong.

But when a lady finds that special guy or man who sweeps her feet off the ground, it’s important for her not to take such a special one for granted. While it’s important to give him gifts every now and then, especially on special occasions, you could actually go an extra mile by giving him cute name(s).

Such name(s) would be your own unique way of calling or referring to him and guess what? You might even forget his name altogether as time goes on (Lol). Such name(s) would also make him feel loved, special and appreciated. So instead of the more popular names like boo or dear, you can spice things up with these new ones.

So, below are 70 of such beautiful and cute names for the special man in your life:

1. Summer;

2. Captain Underpants;

3. Gumdrop;

4. Bubbles;

5. Mr Perfect;

6. Bubba;

7. My Romeo;

8. Snuka Bear;

9. Sugar Bear;

10. Teddy Bear;

11. My King;

12. My Knight;

13. My Everything;

14. Omega;

15. Cupid;

16. Cutiehead;

17. Luckie Charm;

18. Lovie;

19. My All;

20. My Hero;

21. Angel;

22. Love Angel;

23. Tarzan;

24. Wonder Boy;

25. My Beloved;

26. My one and only;

27. My Buttercup;

28. My Heart;

29. Sunshine;

30. Sweet Prince;

31. Mr. Perfect;

32. Macho Man;

33. Mr. Right;

34. Bambi;

34. Apple;

35. Fruit Cakes;

36. Fruity pulp;

37. Passion Fruit;

38. Peach;

39. Pudding;

40. Sherry Pie;

41. Waffles;

42. Muffin;

43. Oreo;

44. Pancake;

45. Sugar Lips;

46. Sweet Pea;

47. Sweet Tart;

48. My Sweet Boy;

49. Starboy;

50. Starshine;

51. Starfish;

52. Superstar;

53. Twinkle star;

54. Honey Bear;

55. Boogie Bear;

56. Care Bear;

57. Cuddle Bear;

58. Sugar Daddy;

59. Amore Mio;

60. Amazer;

61. Charmy;

62. Charmist;

63. Fireboy;

64. Hotness or Hottie;

65. Icing;

66. Love candy;

67. Ma Cherie;

68. Mi amour;

69. Rockstar;

70. Señor.

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