Ama Coke reacts to a married man ‘chopping’ her in a swimming pool.

Ama Coke reacts to a married man ‘chopping’ her in a swimming pool.


A video of a popular Slay Queen being hammered in a swimming pool by an unknown man went viral on social media platforms in December 2019.


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The Slay Queen, Ama Coke, was pinned to a wall in the video as the powerful man rammed into her like there was no tomorrow.

In the meantime, because it was a group hangout, a large number of individuals had collected in the pool. But the two seemed unconcerned by their presence and went about their business.

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Ama Coke, on the other hand, has finally responded to the viral video. The Slay Queen claims that she was not having sex with the man in the pool as the video implied.

She was simply swimming with the guy, like she had done with other men before.

However, other people who intended to embarrass her videotaped it and released it to Ghpage.

She further revealed that when the video became public, the man did not come to her rescue by explaining what truly happened because he is married.

Ama Coke went on to say that she was grateful his face was obscured in the video because it could have damaged his marriage.

Ama Coke admitted that she has dated a lot of married men and sugar daddies in the past.

This, she claims, is due to their compassion. They also take excellent financial care of the ladies.

She denied using hookup services, but stated that she would sleep with a guy she likes in order to achieve something she wants.

Watch the full interview below

Ama Coke has stated that she now wishes to pursue a career in mainstream acting. Ama Coke, when asked if she would be willing to act entirely naked, responded that while it would be tough, the money involved would be the deciding factor.


Ama Coke reacts to a married man ‘chopping' her in a swimming pool.

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