Ama Coke reacts to being ‘chopped’ in a swimming pool by a married man

In December 2019, a video of a popular Slay Queen being hammered in a swimming pool by an unknown guy went viral all over social media platforms.

In the video, the Slay Queen, Ama Coke was pinned to a wall as the heavily built man ram into her like there is no tomorrow.

Meanwhile, there were a lot of people gathered in the pool since it was a group hang out. But the two appeared unfazed by their presence and were doing what they like.

Well, Ama Coke has finally reacted to the viral video. According to the Slay Queen, she was not having sex with the man in the pool as the video suggested.

She was just swimming with the guy as she had already done with other guys. But some people who wanted to disgrace her recorded the video and leaked it to Ghpage.

She further revealed the man did not come to her rescue when the video went viral by explaining what really happened because he is a married man.

Ama Coke added she was even glad his face did not show very well in the video because it could have ruined his marriage.

Opening up on dating married men, Ama Coke confessed she has dated many married men and sugar daddies.

This, according to her is because they are caring. They also take very good care of ladies financially.

But she denied engaging in Hookup services but admitted she wouldn’t mind sleeping with a guy she likes to get something she desires.

Watch the full interview below

Ama Coke revealed she now wants to get into mainstream acting. On whether she will be ready to act nude, Ama Coke said completely nude will be a little difficult the money involved will be the final decider.

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