It’s official as Dubai Authorities confirms Hushpuppi’s arrest

It’s official as Dubai Authorities confirms Hushpuppi’s arrestHushpuppi’s arrest has been subjected to debate for days as to how real or fake it is…Finally, Dubai Authorities confirms…

Hushpuppi’s arrest has been subjected to debate for days as to how real or fake it is…Finally, Dubai Authorities confirms it.

Ray Hushpuppi as it stands now is battling to become a free man. He is one of the big boys on the internet who constantly flaunts bundles of cash and assets to tease or motivate the poor.

After days of tagging his arrest as alleged, Celebrities Buzz can boldly say he has indeed been picked by the Interpol and FBI.

Dubai’s lead news portal, confirmed his arrest after cross-checking from authorities.

Their report reads:

“A famous Nigerian Instagram celebrity has been arrested in Dubai on multiple fraud charges.

Raymond Abbas, better known as Hushpuppi, was arrested by Dubai Police on June 10.

The 38-year-old was referred to the Dubai public prosecution and is currently being questioned by prosecutors at the Bur Dubai section.

The prosecutors have charged him for “obtaining money from others through fraudulent means.”

Security officers in the emirate arrested Mr Abbas and 12 others for online fraud that targets companies and individuals.

“They would send out letters from email addresses almost identical to those of legitimate companies, targeting customers of these companies, with the purpose of diverting payments to themselves,” said a senior prosecutor.

“Initial information includes that he was part of this gang which fraudulently obtained cash and cars from people.

“His statement was taken by prosecution but this is just the beginning of prosecution investigations.”

He is wanted for fraud crimes in Europe, the United States and Nigeria.

Mr Abbas has over two million followers on Instagram. He is known for his display of wealth on social media.

He often posts pictures with his luxury cars like Ferrari and Rolls Royce and a private jet.”

At the moment, has managed to detail all you need to know about Hushpuppi.

Take a look at the rise and fall of Nigerian big boy Raymond Igbalodely a.k.a Hushpuppi; everything you need to know below:

The arrest of Mr Raymond Igbalodely popularly known as Hushpuppi has taken the whole of Africa by a storm.
Whilst some solidarize with the Nigerian big boy, others are scolding him for engaging in what they describe as a disgrace to his home country Nigeria and the African continent at large.

We will look at the man called Hushpuppi, how he rose to fame, details on his car collections, luxurious lifestyle among others.

Born on June 14th in a year he has never revealed to the public, Mr Igbalodey hails from Legos State Nigeria and resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He had several Nicknames ranging from Aja 4, Gucci Master, Aja Puppi and the almighty Hushpuppi but his real name is Raymond Igbalodey.

Per the professional description on his official Instagram account, Mr Raymond is a Real Estate Developer; a profession many doubted on several counts. The critics of his stated occupation claim he is a scammer who was hiding behind the profession he displayed to the public.

In terms of luxury and extravagant lifestyle, Hushpuppi is a show stopper. A memorable expenditure Aja 4 made was the day he spent an amount of 25.2 million Naira just to fly private to Paris after missing his flight.

He equally spent an amount of 11.5 million Naira in a night club to cement his superiority over Davido and other big boys in the game.

Hushpuppi earlier bought the new Rolls-Royce Cullinan which costs approximately $330,000 at Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price and a destination charge of $2,750.

Yes! That’s how rich Aja 4 is. Earlier in 2019, Hushpuppi acquired brand new bespoke black badge Rolls-Royce Wraith and a Bentley Bentayga which he shared on his official Instagram page.

His garage has the following fleet of cars which he claims ownership of; Range Rover Sport, Mercedes-Benz G-wagon, a Ferrari 488 GTB and also the Ferrari 458 which is a limited edition, Mercedes-Benz Maybach S650, among others.

View this post on Instagram

They say you have to be a certain caliber of man to be respect by certain caliber of people, today I’m proud of the success of a lot of young people that were raised in the slum/hood and made beyond the middle class level. When I see majority of houses on the island is owned by young people raise in the mainland by parents from the lower class. There’s a major shifting now in the wealth sharing, a lot of rich kids now work under CEOs who had less resources than them while growing up. I want anyone out there to know where you come from or how u are raised is not a factor to determine how far you can reach in life, most of the wealthiest people in the world were not raised with silver spoons, be determined, and don’t let society and media distract you with this new culture of being addicted to substances that gets you high that’s killing a lot of people’s dreams out there, drinking codeine and smoking all that stuffs don’t equal to “having fun” don’t kill your own destiny with your ignorance. God bless everyone’s hustle, your dreams will come true, keep chasing them, a lot of you are aware of my struggles, my journey, I have been called many names, I have been dragged multiple times but I didn’t let none of that distract me from staying focused and staying on the right path of success and I am more focused now to stay successful than I was to becoming successful. Hope to see y’all at the top #Bentley #RollsRoyce #Maybach #MyCars #EpainThem

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Characteristically, Hushpuppi is a good motivator. Any time he puts something expensive out there, he makes sure he adds a word or two to motivate those who are equally hustling to make it in life.

This was an excerpt of his message after he acquired the Beskope Black Badge Rolls-Royce Wraith

“What y’all think about my new bespoke black badge Rolls-Royce Wraith? Lol. This post is to everyone who has been made to feel low about themselves, to those who has been told will never amount to anything, to those who has been looked down upon, I want you to know today that as long as you don’t see yourself as low as they make you seem, as long as you have a valid dream and work hard, and most importantly if you believe in God, you can achieve anything and everything.”

According to reports, the Gucci man was taken down through a joint operation by the FBI and Interpol on charges of money laundering and fraud after several investigations. His latest offence was a $35 million which was supposed to be given to native Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was equally reported that some of his accomplices were also arrested. His arrest shocked many people.

Rumoured reports, however, have it that, a supposed brother of the big boy Hushpuppi claimed Interpol has no evidence against him. Even though that is yet to be established, many of his fans and well-wishers will be pleased to see him back.

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