Kidi’s Past Tweets About Sarkodie Haunting Him In The Present

Kidi’s Past Tweets About Sarkodie Haunting Him In The Present

The saying that “your past will always come back to haunt you” is a statement individuals should take in high esteem not forgetting the popular saying that “the internet never forgets”.

This week happens to be a bad week for Afrobeat singer Kidi. He was early on embarrassed by Accra Fm drive time host Nana Romeo for showing up late to his program. Although Kidi apologized to the radio presenter, he went ahead to embarrass Kidi.

After that ordeal, A Sarkodie fan managed to dig up Kidi tweets some years back before he became the music star he is today.

Kidi, who before he became a star, made some tweets that showed his dislike for Sarkodie. In some of the tweets, he said that after R2bees win the BET award Sakodie can finally shut up about being the only Ghanaian to win the BET.

Fans of Sarkodie drugged Kidi through the mud on Twitter and demanded an apology from Kidi.

Kidi finally apologized saying that he was naive of the industry then and that life has thought him to appreciate people’s hustle.

Up and coming artists should take a cue from Kidi’s ordeal at Accra Fm and his past tweets which is haunting him now.

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