Kwaku Manu Narrates How An Old Lady Accidentally Kissed Him And Left Her Teeth In His Mouth

Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu has shared probably one of the weirdest experiences one could ever have by narrating how an old lady left her teeth in her mouth after accidentally kissing her.This weird story by Kwaku Manu was shared on Showbiz 360, hosted by Giovanni and aired on TV3. The actor got every one laughing after sharing this unfortunate incident.

According to him, because of his usual slogan, ‘Am kiss you, Am love you’, the old lady thought anytime someone says it, the person automatically gets a kiss from him so after saying it the old lady kissed him unaware which resulted to the unfortunate incident.

Kwaku Manu said by the time he realized the old lady’s teeth was in his mouth, which the old lady also told him, her teeth was in his mouth.

Knowing the actor to be a comic actor, it was normal how he narrated the story hilariously, causing everyone around to laugh hard.

Watch the full interview video below;

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